Dating Safety Tips

Dating Safety Tips

Dating can be a fun and enjoyable experience. But unfortunately, there is also a risk of it going wrong. There are certain dangers that lurk in the dating scene. You hear of date rapes, date stalkers, dating violence and other trouble that can happen to you during dates. Safety should always be your primary concern whenever you plan going on a date. Here are some tips that will help make dating safer for you.

Date in a public place.
Dating in a public place is a good way to avoid becoming a victim of date rape or violence. People are more aware of their actions when they are in public and may be more careful. This can prevent others from taking advantage of you whenever you go on a date. Makes sure to set your date at a restaurant or a

Date only with people you trust.
The best possible way to assure your dating safety is to date only with people you already know and trust. While blind dating may come with some excitement, there are also risks that come with dating someone you have not met. You will not know what to expect. And what you do not know can sometimes put you in danger. So try to remain on the safe side by going on dates with people that you already know for some time.

Avoid taking alcohol or drugs.
Dating and alcohol can be a fatal combination. Drugs can even be worse. Doing both can put you in danger not just it is unhealthy, you might just be making yourself a willing victim if you lose control of your bearing because of them. Alcohol and drug can impair your ability to make decisions or to escape a compromising or dangerous situation. It will make you take risks that can even affect your date, especially if you need to drive afterwards. Make it a point to avoid alcohol and drugs whenever you go out on a date.

Know your limits.
Dating can be quite enjoyable and exciting that some people can become too comfortable and let it all hang out. But once this happens, your safety may be compromised if your date tries to take advantage of it. Make sure that you know your limits and make it known to your date before you even start. Do not be forced to do anything you are not comfortable with. Learn how to say “no” when something seems to be out of your comfort zone during the date. And if your date does not comply with or respect your wishes, then you are better off getting away from the situation before it might get worse.


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