Dating Tips by the Zodiacs

Every wonder why the “what’s your sign?” pick up line is so overly used? Some people believe that they only go together with members of certain zodiac signs, while others see this as a way to gauge a person’s character.

Whether or not you believe that the stars take command of one’s personality, it is not a bad idea to follow these dating tips based on your date’s zodiac sign. (Sorry, but we have no tips for the Ophiuchus.)

Aries – People born under the sign of Aries like to be treated specially. Impress them by taking him or her to a glamorous event (with VIP access, of course) like film festivals or fashion shows. They also enjoy watching–and even participating in–sports competitions, but make sure you are seated in the front row.

Taurus – The quickest way to a Taurus’ heart is through the stomach. Whether it is home-cooked meals or fancy gourmet dishes, they love to have good food in their palates. Try inviting them to a picnic, or in a newly-opened restaurant, and get to know each other. If you know how to cook, whip up your signature dish for him or her to appreciate.

Gemini – True to their twin sign, Geminis love to talk and bond with people through conversations. Take them to a place that would stimulate some healthy one-on-one talk such as museums, coffee shops, art galleries, or even parks. They also love variety, so do not be afraid to shake things up on your next date.

Cancer – Often characterized as introverted, Cancers tend to get overwhelmed by large crowds and noise. For a successful date, take them to a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant where not too many people could see your interactions. You can also try some couple’s retreat at a spa.

Leo – Like the lion, Leos like to be spoiled and taken care of, so invite them to a fine dining restaurant complete with flowers and chocolate.

Virgo – Known for being goal-oriented and practical, Virgos are not into expensive dates that have nothing to achieve about. Instead, try inviting them to do a creative project like making crafts or paining, injecting some get-to-know-each-other conversations in between.

Libra – When taking a Libra to dinner, make sure that the setting is elegant and the best silverware and tablecloth are used as an attempt to impress their keen eye for beauty and elegance. They are also known for being great conversationalists, so taking them to a movie or watch a TV series together could spark some discussions.

Scorpio – As unpredictable as they can be, you can impress Scorpios by observing what they are enjoying at the moment and surprise them with dates based on their current interests.

Sagittarius – The Sagis like to travel to new places. Always take your dates to somewhere new to them, whether it is a different restaurant, a different town, or even a helicopter ride around town.

Capricorn – Since they enjoy enriching activities, take your Capricorn date to watch a critically-acclaimed play or a historical tour. That would most likely shed off the shell of the usually reserved Capricorn and start a conversation with you.

Aquarius – People born in Aquarius tend to open up better in a big group setting. Take them to a group date with friends to make them comfortable and eventually welcome you in their social circle.

Pisces – They love to imagine and appreciate other worldly beauty. Invite them for a date to a theme park or in a snorkeling adventure, which would fuel their love for water.

Source: Manila Bulletin


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