Dating Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are single and working in your own company, juggling between finding a relationship and making profit can be stressful. Either you let your work take over your personal life and you end up single among your peers or, worse, prioritize your romantic relationship over your company’s sake.

In order to become a happy and successful entrepreneur, balancing your work and relationships should be achieved. Here are helpful tips for the busy businessmen, as provided by PR expert Rebekah Epstein.

Make time for both career and love life – If you spot a cute guy over the weekend and he is interested to go on a date, check for your free days. It is advisable to use a single calendar for both your career and personal life, so it would be easier to avoid schedule conflicts and blow off important engagements.

When dating, quit talking about work – While your company may take up most of your brainpower, your date would most likely be less interested about how much your business earned today. For busy entrepreneurs, it is a challenge not to talk about work, but you need to realize that there is more to yourself than what you do for a living. Discuss about your passions and hobbies, for instance.

Dating is not a competition – Businessmen acquire a competitive spirit in order to become ahead of the rest and be able to grow their companies. However, being one-upper is a major turn off when it comes to dating. Remember that a romantic relationship is also about having a support system, not having a business rival to defeat.

Quit being a control freak – It is instinctive for entrepreneurs to know everything what is going on, but it is a different case on dating. Letting yourself be vulnerable actually increases your chances of having a great relationship. You do not have to know whether your boyfriend is planning a surprise birthday party for you; simply allow yourself to be surprised.

Unplug – Unless you are an on-call doctor, disconnect from your e-mails and smartphones during your romantic dates. Checking on your communication devices only shows you are not interested with your prospective romantic partner and you might end up regreting about the one that got away.

Source: Huffington Post


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