Dating Tips for Expats Around the World

Thousands of American singles leave the United States every year to work overseas. Apart from seeing new places and meeting new people, dating has become a bit complicated.

Expat Info Desk, a website catering to expats around the world, has provided some comprehensive dating tips and customs from around the world. Even if you are not living abroad, these tips are handy if you are dating a foreigner.

In Japan, men brag about their salary – Japan’s work environment is very different from the United States, with many young people working in contractual jobs and lower pay just to keep their company’s older employees from being fired. This is why Japanese men tend to tell their dates how much they earn more than once during the first date. It is their way of saying that they can take care of their dates. Also, never ever be late on a date, as punctuality is honored in this country.

In Australia, women can be quite aggressive – Australian women are not afraid to ask men out for a date and even pay for it, too. And if she really like the man, they could “get a room” afterward. Meanwhile, men have no problem asking women out through text messaging. This reflects the country’s laid-back and carefree environment.

In China, you have to meet the parents – Single men and women in China live with their parents until they get married (that is, if they are not working in another province). If your Chinese date asks you to meet his parents right after your first date, relax. You will be visiting his parents more often anyway if the two of you get together. Also, Valentine’s Day is serious business there, so receiving flowers, gifts, and even romantic dinners from suitors are expected.

In the Middle East, women should remain restraint – Women who are not used to living in the Middle East, or in any Islamic country for that matter, may find it difficult to comprehend how women are being treated, but it is their way of keeping their single women “valuable.” So remember, women should never have sex before marriage, while any kind of affectionate actions–including kissing and holding hands–should be done at home.

In France, dates are not really dates – First dates in France are more on a group setting. Instead of having two people get to know each other, we have two groups (the guy’s friends and the girl’s friends) mingle together in an informal setting. Also, beware on whom you kiss. Once you kiss a man on the lips, it means you want him to be your boyfriend.

In Italy, mothers are sacred – Even among Italians living overseas, the mothers have the final say on whom their children should be on a relationship with. This is why it is normal for Italian men to introduce their dates to their mothers, so always be on her good side (read: never criticize her) if you really like the guy. Also, men tend to speak in a flirtatious manner towards women, but that does not mean he is asking you out or sexually harassing you.

In Germany, people are brutally honest – Be nice only if you mean it. If you do not like your German date, tell him so because people there take quite literally what you say to them. Also, never ask a question about yourself, especially if you do not like to hear honest to goodness answers. If you are a bit on the curvy side, they will say you are fat, period. And avoid small talk as well, they would see you as superficial.

In Russia, chivalry is the norm – Russian men will try to impress you to the hilt on your dates, so expect doors to be held and dates to be paid for. Never even attempt to bring out your wallet, men find it offensive. Although they do not expect anything in return, women are expected to wear make-up, high heels, and classy dresses even in the most casual of settings.

Source: Cafe Mom



  1. this is a good one, more reasons to believe the world is really not round!

  2. Sharing your background and being open to your activities and interests that you enjoy is just as important in knowing the culture of your date. This will let her or him understand where you may be coming from in your different thoughts and approaches to the relationship.

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