Dating Tips From Celebrity

If you are one of those people who bothers looking at the personal lives of the celebrities and most especially with their love life you will notice how much it is similar with the roller coaster ride. It is also because of this notion that people are thinking that celebrity couples are bound for doom or rather no celebrity couple really last that long. Tom Cruise for instance got married to Nicole Kidman and then to Katie Holmes.

In the case of women, Britney Spears and his ex husband did not last long. The great actress Angelina Jolie had a couple of break ups with several hot celebrities as well before she actually ended up with fellow actor Brad Pitt.

Yet again, despite the fact that it is hard dating a celebrity there is always this idea that you can never can tell one whether they will last or not. Downfall is a part of life anyway. For single celebrities out there especially the single celebrity moms who’s looking for love you might want to read Reese Witherspoon’s advice for all of you.

It is Hard to Find a Good Man. No matter who you are, whether you are an Oscar winning actress or the most popular pop celebrity in the world it is very much hard to find a good man. And a good man can definitely not to be found at Pure in Las Vegas at 3am on a Thursday.

Put your Family First at All Times. It is alright to not be present from the club scene once in a while just to spend time with your children at home. A man who does not really mind spending a quiet evening may be good for you and of course, mind that whenever you are with your family please try to stay away from your bodyguards and mannies.

Always Be Good to Yourself. Do not humiliate yourself. Stripping down to your underwear in public places, shaving your head, getting a job as a waitress… not good ideas. When you are good to yourself, everything else will follow.



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  1. I don’t see why celebrities don’t last in relationships, I think it is in their mindsets, they sort of forsee failure before going into relationships or more like the woman find it hard to acts as a wife… I mean real wife when she have the entire world calling her name.

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