Dating Tips from Young People

It may be uncomfortable, awkward even, to hear advice from people younger than you are, but sometimes the youth have more practical and modern views in life that you need to apply in yours.

Rich Collier of the website “I Hate Young People” asked around the youth of Harlem, New York, to share their dating tips for older people. Here are some of their valuable advice on everything about meeting up and hooking up.

Always look good – People will always judge you on first impressions. You may have a very nice and cheerful personality, but you need to look nice on the outside as well. Take a shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, trim your nose and ear hair, wax off unsightly body hair (like on the back), don’t forget to do it every day.

Say things they want to hear – More often than not, women (and some men) would like to be told how amazing they look. Tell them jokes that would surely make them laugh and have light conversations.

Men should call first – Once a woman has given her number to a member of the opposite sex, the ball is in his court to make the call. Don’t forget the three-day rule (call the girl within three days after meeting).

Always bring, and wear, a condom – If in case your date become intimate, you have to wear protection. Older people are more susceptible to diseases, so putting on a condoms keeps you from contracting herpes, syphilis, HIV, and other similar infections.

Source: The Zeitgeisty Report

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