Dating’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Dating’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Some dates are just far from perfect. Aside from dating someone incompatible, some date end up to be just plain boring and lifeless. But nothing can make it even worse than starring in a very embarrassing moment during a date. Here are some of the most embarrassing instances that you can find yourself into. By knowing about them, you can prepare yourself on how to remedy or prevent it from happening to you.

Forgetting your wallet

A date can end up in an embarrassing way if you treat your date to a fancy dinner, only to realize that you forgot your wallet by the time the bill comes. Surprisingly, this situation can happen to anyone. But nonetheless, it can be very embarrassing up to a certain degree. In case you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing you can do is admit to forgetting your wallet. If your date pays, make sure that you assure her that you will repay her for the trouble. Assure her that you are not trying to avoid paying but really forgot to bring your wallet.

Wardrobe malfunction

Nothing can get very embarrassing all of a sudden than having a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a date. You accidentally split your pants or tore the seams of your dress. It can happen to the best of us. But it is an embarrassing situation nonetheless. The best you can do is add in some humor to the situation to lessen the awkwardness. Then you can maybe make a detour back to your home to change if it is just nearby. On the other hand, you can also soldier on with the date by just making some quick temporary fixes if that is possible.

Forgetting your date’s name

This situation is quite common among many first time daters who get so nervous that they fail to get their date’s name. It is downright embarrassing if you forget the name of your date and you are just too shy to admit it. But the longer it goes, the more precarious your situation becomes. If you do not want to let your date know that you forgot, there are some things you can try to recall. You might consider taking some clandestine measures such as looking at an id from your date’s wallet or purse. But that can be too risky. The best way is still to admit that you forgot his or her name. But you can try to sugar coat it a bit, like telling your date that you are not so good recalling names. Admitting to the mistake early will improve your chances of turning the date around for the better.


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