Do You Really Have to Follow Every Dating Rule?

There are millions of dating tips and dating advices available anywhere, including hundreds that you can see here. You ask yourself, “Do you really have to follow them down to the T?” The trick is to be able to separate the helpful rules from the not-so-helpful ones so we do not end up more confused than before.

“Most of (these dating tips) are nothing but mind games,” Amy Loudon of The Independent wrote. “Dating is about making the right decisions for you.”

Here are some of the most common dating rules and decide whether to follow them all the time or not at all.

Do not kiss on a first date – Even the most confident person could feel nervous, confused, and jittery on a first date, especially with the vast do’s and don’ts that revolve around it. This includes kissing. They say that kissing on a first date indicates that you are too keen, but how are you supposed to show your date that you like them? If you feel that there is a spark between the two of you and the moment feels right for two sets of lips to carress each other, then throw away this rule and go for it.

Do not text after a first date – Datings rules continue to follow you after the actual date. If you enjoy the date, you might be tempted to send a text message immediately after the date and say you had a great time. Dating experts claim that such a move shows you are desperate, but if your message is sincere and you want to make sure your date gets home safely, then why worry about the undertones?

Do not accept a Saturday night date after a Wednesday – On this rule, your are supposed to pretend that you already have plans, even if your weekend itinerary involves watching DVD marathons. So if a great guy calls you on a Thursday for a date on a Saturday when you have nothing else to do, why pass up the opportunity? Besides, any day of the week is a great day to have a date, so as long as you are free.

Play hard to get – Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating an aura of mystery, it is different from acting as if you are not interested with a prospective date. This rule can work two ways. Either your date would feel challenged about chasing you or he will get bored and lose interest. Just play it safe and show how you really feel.

Who picks up the bill? – Even dating rules about who pays for what can be complicated. They say the gentleman should always pay for the first date, even in all of the succeeding dates. Others say that the person who initiated the date should foot the bill. After all, it was their idea. Or you could even split the bill in half, even if your date has eaten more. It is best not to stubbornly follow a single rule and instead play it by ear, as each date is different.

Source: The Independent

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