Ending A Bad Date The Right Way

Ending A Bad Date The Right Way

Dating is not always a good experience for many people, however enriching it may be. For one, each date you may get into may not always be what you may expect. You may unluckily find yourself in a bad date. It pays to know how to end it in a good way. Here are some tips that may help you out.

Prepare The Date

One way to effectively end a bad date is by planning it carefully. If you have no clue on how the date may end up, it is best to prepare a date in a way that will give you a sure option of ending it quickly if need be. This is especially essential for dates that you meet for the first time. Try to consider the place and the time when planning the date. You can consider meeting in a coffee shop instead of a restaurant. That will indicate that it will be a short date. If you wish to spend more time with your date, then you can always move to another venue.

A good way to have the option of ending a potentially bad date is by scheduling it at a time of the day suggesting a short meeting. Meeting on a lunch date is one example. It will indicate that you will have about an hour to spare for the date and then you may need to go back to work. It is a safety precaution if you are meeting a date for the very first time and you do not know what the outcome may be.

Prepare An Excuse

Another effective way to get out of a bad date is by preparing a reasonable excuse to end the date. Make sure that you find one that will not indicate you’re making silly excuses. But sometimes, your excuse may not be that credible and your date may see right through you. That is why either you make a credible excuse or use it as a last option.

An Emergency Getaway

You may consider this as a credible excuse. But it may require the help of a friend. If you really need an excuse to get out from a bad date, you can always have a friend ring you up on your mobile phone. All the plan needs is a text to tell your friend to ring you up. Then you can act your way to a call and excuse yourself from the date because of an emergency. Just make it a generic emergency that requires your immediate attention but not a serious one. You do not have to explain the emergency. Once you have excused yourself properly, you can go and get out from the bad date.

Be Honest And Frank

If you have what it takes to be honest and frank with your date and tell the truth, then you can always do that. It may be the most effective way to get out of a bad date but also the hardest thing to do. Depending on how you say it, it may be the best way since you are letting your date know that it is not working out. You will not be sending mixed signals or false hopes. However, if your honesty and frankness is out of place, then it may build animosity.


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