Fixing A Date Mistake

shutterstock_148465988Dating can be fun and exciting. But there are also times when it can also go wrong. Some guys may make a serious slip up during the date that will hurt their chances of expecting a second date. Depending on the slip up, you may still be able to recover from the dating mistake. You can follow these tips to rectify the situation.

Admit that it happened.

Some accidental slip up may cause you to say something that your date may not like hearing. You may suddenly say something bad about your dates dress or laugh about it before you realize that your date is frowning. Admit that it happened and apologize. Do not try to pretend that you date did not notice it. It will only get worse and hurt your chances of seeing each other the second time.

Get to the point.

When you need to address the slip up you made, try also to know if the mistake may have some grave consequences. Ask your date if the mistake has blown up your chances to meet the second time. It is better to be frank than to just pretend that everything is fine until you get rejected in the worst way possible. If you date says that it did, try your best to turn it around. Convince her that it is just a mistake (still depends on what that mistake is) that you  made this one time. Try to ask for another chance. Once you got it, you need to make sure that you do not let the same mistake happen again.

Once the slip up is addressed, forget about it and move on.

Once you have taken the issue with your date and your apology was accepted, try not to mention it again during the date. Do not let it put you down for the rest of the date. Try to move on and do your best to make the rest of the date more memorable in a good way this time. Your date may not think of it more seriously than you would have. So do not punish yourself and cause the guilt feeling to further bother the rest of the date.


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