Handling Awkward Dating Situations

shutterstock_148465988There are certain instances when your date may not actually be going well. There are instances where you can find yourself in an awkward position. Here are some examples and how to effectively handle them.

Paying The Bill

There are times when going on a dinner date becomes awkward by the time the bill comes. Most of the time, the women expect the men to foot the bill. Sometimes the men may have it the other way. Some men may expect that there are women who would prefer splitting the bill while some prefer to go dutch. Sometimes, this can lead to an awkward situation. In order for the women to erase any awkwardness, they should at least suggest into splitting the bill. If the man insists of paying for it, then the woman should be gracious enough to let him pay for it. Problem solved and the awkward situation is resolved before it gets worse.

Lack Of Interest

There are certain instances, especially during first dates, where one person may be showing some lack of interest on a date. Some may be good at hiding their lack of interest while some are quite vocal about it without being blunt. If you happen to be the object of this, then you need to handle it yourself. Once you are sure that your date is not exactly fond with your company, you can try to end the date in a nice way and call it a night. There is no need to prolong your date’s agony over it. It is better to take up the loss for this night and move on. It will be better than an awkward dating experience.

Spilling A Drink On A Date

Sometimes, the awkwardness in a date is caused by an accident such as spilling a drink on your date. It can only become awkward based on the reaction of the victim. The best way to handle it is by avoiding making a scene. Doing so will not only embarrass your date but also catch the attention of a crowd, creating a more embarrassing atmosphere. To avoid an awkward situation, just bear in mind that it is an accident. If you did the spilling, make sure that you apologize sincerely for what happened and help in cleaning the mess. If you’re the one who gets spilled on, handling it gracefully is the best way to avoid making a scene. Just try your best to put up a smile and head off to the toilet to wash off the stain. If it cannot be cleaned, a quick detour at home to change may also be a good option if the date is somewhere near your home. Having some extra clothes on hand just for such accidents will also be a good idea. Being calm and collected is the best way to handle this awkward situation.

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