How to Dress Up for a Date

man outfitFirst impressions last. Or so they say. But while first impressions are not enough to sustain a lifelong relationship, they should at least create enough impact on your dream date – enough to get him to ask you for a second dream date at least.

Part of making a good first impression is to look your best. Fortunately there are ways for you to achieve just that.

Your image

Sure, you want to dress up perfectly for your dream date, but you have to still keep in mind your true personality and the image that goes with it.

If you’re dream date is for instance with a punk rocker, you should not dress up punky if you are not comfortable with it. It will also be difficult for you to keep up on that particular image regularly – that is of course if things go well for you and your date.

Choosing clothes

Choose clothes that represent you. You should be comfortable in them, but remember to pick out those that play up your assets, so to speak. Show off your toned arms in sleeveless tops, or your legs in short (but not overly short) skirts. Or play up the color of your eyes and/or hair in colors that complement them.


Aside from choosing clothes in colors that bring out the beauty of your eyes or the tone of your hair, choose colors that are appropriate for your age and complement your figure – colors that make you look healthier and younger if possible. This also applies to choosing the right makeup.


Accessories add an interesting and personal touch to your outfit. When choosing accessories, consider first what you want emphasize.

If you want to keep your date’s eyes on your face, perhaps you could choose not to wear a heavy necklace or a necktie, and stick to a nice pair of earrings. You also don’t want your accessories to overpower you entire outfit. It’s safe to say that less is more when it comes to accessorizing.


Shoes can make or break your whole look. When you choose the right pair, first consider the venue (and activities) of your dream date. If you’re going to a formal restaurant, go for a fabulous pair of sexy yet sturdy heels.

Other things you should consider when choosing the right pair of shoes is the condition they’re in and their cleanliness. You don’t want your date to see you in dirty, many-holed shoes, do you?

Before going out on your dream date, remember to just be yourself. Be confident and you will look great in whatever you choose to wear on your dream date.


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