How to Get a Successful Second Date

second dateYou’ve passed through your first date, and it was great. What are you going to do now? Here are some tips that can be helpful for a successful second date.


Make a follow-up call or send an e-mail to the person two or three days after the first date. Suggest that you wanted to meet him or her again some time, indicating that you’re inviting for a second date. If your date declines, then don’t waste your time waiting.

Be creative in your activities

If the person is interested for a second date, suggest a new activity that both of your could try. Consider doing something unusual on dates; something you don’t do every day. Think of places you have always wanted to see or activities you would like to try and share them with the person.

For instance, go on a cycling tour, enjoy hiking up a mountain, walk along the beach, or play miniature golf. You could also try some more unusual activities such as trying on costumes or relaxing at spas. If you come up with unique ways to play, you’ll seem special and the person will be interested to know more about you.

Don’t go overboard to impress

Always be nice to the person, but still be yourself. Remember that your second date should be about spending fun activities together, not trying to impress your date some more. Doing so could cause you to scare away your date. Just let your personality shine.


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