Is Your Date Attracted to You?

attractionMost of the time, people spend our dating thinking whether the other person likes them. You would often check for signs, but sadly they end up as false alarms.

Your date may be smiling up to the ears, has the initiative to know more about you, and would not mind listening to your points of view, but deep inside your date may be wishing that this would end soon. If you want to know how your date really feels, you need to dig deep and watch for subtle signs that show your date’s true feelings.

Your date says your name more than usual

Do not be annoyed if your date addresses you by your name, even your family name, such as "What do you think about the movie, Charlie Appleton?" or "Melissa… I like that name, Melissa".

Take it as a probable sign that your date is feeling you that he or she cannot help but connect with your closest possession: your name. You also need to listen intently if your date calls your name enthusiastically, and not in a monotone.

Your date squints at you

Imagine you are a diamond and your date begins to squint, checking out whether you are for real. When your date’s eyes begin to partly close as if he or she has seen a bright sunlight, it is an unconscious reaction that shows him or her searching for more about you.

Squinting towards your date shows you are focused harder to be sure it is not just an illusion. Another way of checking you out is when your date looks more closely at you.

Your date asks you "why" and "how"

Any polite dates starts with an exchange of factual things about family life such as "Where do you grow up?" or "Do you have brothers and sisters?" Although it keeps the date from being awkwardly silent, it is not a definite sign that there is chemistry between the two of you.

However, once your date asks more probing questions like "How did you get interested in psychology" or "Why did you decide to move to this city," do not be afraid to answer (especially if you are attracted to your date).

Questions beginning with why or how are not usually asked during dates, but hearing these during a date are strong signs that your date is seriously interested in you.

Your date gets quiet while you are together

Avoid concluding right away that a date’s silence is a sign that he or she has lost interest. Actually, it could mean the opposite, as your date may be feeling such a pull toward you that he or she is lost in thought about it. To test whether this "contemplation" is not a sign of boredom, go ahead and ask your date a random question.

If your date responds as "What are you talking about" or acts defensive about paying attention, it’s probably not a good sign. However, if you date grins back and apologizes for getting distracted, your date is probably imagining a future outing with you.

You hear "you are" too often

If your date exclaims "You’re awesome" or "You’re so funny" or anything positive that begins with "you are," consider yourself lucky. Personalized statements of admiration or approval of a date means a lot compare that to common responses like "That’s awesome" or "That’s funny."

Your date gives you a token of your

If your date gives you something you can hold onto and look at later; it is most likely because he or she is feeling the chemistry. For instance, you were given a plush toy you have won on the arcade or ticket stubs to the movie you have watched together.

Take it as an underlying message that your date wants you to remember him or her (or least the night you went out together), and obviously your date will be remembering your evening together.


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