JWOWW's Tips to Get and Keep a Man

Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWOWW” Farley has just released her guide book to dating entitled “The Rules According to JWOWW.” In the book, she shares street-tested secrets for women to get and keep a man. Here are some of her Jersey Shore-style dating tips.

You cannot go wrong with cleavage – Women should treat their bodies as frontline weaponry. There is something about a woman’s breasts, as well as her waist and hips, that hypnotizes the opposite sex. But of course, you only need to display your best assets when needed. Keep them covered during work, but air them out whenever you are on a date.

Always look your best before going out – Dirty talk is fine, but not a dirty body. Hygiene should be a top priority when on a lookout for a romantic partner. Make sure your skin is clean and clear, your clothes neatly pressed, and your breath minty fresh.

Always praise his mother – You and your man may be meant for each other, but remember that “mothers know best.” Never criticize his mother and always lend a helping hand when she needs one.

Never wear granny panties – Men may have no idea what you are hiding underneath your jeans, but it would certainly be a deal breaker if they “accidentally” take a peek of your behind and discover you are wearing an extra large underwear.

Men love a lady who has skills – Men may say they want an innocent and sweet girl they can bring home to Mom, but they secretly wish that girl is a nympho.

Remain independent, even in a relationship – If your man is treating you like a puppet, cut the strings and leave. A great romantic relationship respects each others’ independence.

Never be a sloppy drunk – When going out on clubs and parties, always watch what you drink. Becoming too wasted would only make you end up doing something–or somebody–that you will regret the morning after.

Source: New York Post

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