Letting Go Of Bad Dating Habits In 2015

Letting Go Of Bad Dating Habits In 2015

This year may not be your year in terms of starting a meaningful romantic relationship. The year 2015 may offer you something better. You can still continue on dating and meeting people. But you need to be wiser. You need to let go of some bad dating habits that may have prevented you from starting new relationships this year. Here are some of the bad dating habits you may need to change for this coming year.

Bringing emotional baggage along with you      
Some people bring along past dating failures along with them. Their frustrations begin to show with every date. It will not help if you try to dwell in the negatives and even try to share it with your dates. It will only make the date awkward and make it end up in another failure. In the New Year, try to make sure that you are able to make a brand new start when it comes to dating. Do not try to bring your emotional baggage of the past along with you. Look at it as a new adventure and experience and make sure you always stay positive, no matter what the outcome.

Focusing on your date’s flaws
Another bad habit that some people may have is focusing on what they don’t like with their dates. Some people just notice what flaw they see instead of noticing the good things. It can easily prevent any relationship from developing. If you always focus on those minor flaws and not on the overall connection you make with your date, then it all will end up the same way. Everyone has their flaws and nuances. It is up to you if you overlook those minor things while looking at the bigger future. You should try to give you date a chance to impress you despite of those certain flaws you see, physical or otherwise.

Too much wishful thinking
Some people may think that they have found the “One” and try to do their best to hold on in hopes of something developing. But there are times when the feeling is just not mutual. Still, some people try hard not to let go easily, even when it is obvious that the other person may not be interested. Learn how to let go of someone who does not want your attention or love. Face the reality that you will be the only one doing all the work to get a relationship going. Do not try to hang on to false hopes. If it is not for you, then accept the fact that it is not for you.


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