Making a Date a Successful One

date nightYou just had a really cool first date. You have created a positive impression towards your date and, after a few days, he asks you out for a second date. If this happens, remember that guys don’t ask for a second date just for the heck of it.

What are we supposed to do on a second date? How can you be able to add sparkle to the chemistry that both of you had on your first date? Read our tips to find out.

Ask your date what the date is about

Women should always ask the man where are you headed on the second date so she can dress appropriately for the occasion.

Putting on a designer outfit would mean nothing if she realizes that she is going to watch a football game at the bleachers.

When in doubt, dress casually but smartly. Wear sensible shoes, just in case the second date involves trekking through muddy woods.

Loosen up and have fun

A second date is the guy’s second chance of making a second impression. This time, both of them can loosen and lighten up a little. Second dates can be more fun and he can get to know about his date on a deeper, more intimate level.

Try to be creative on your date

Although one can never go wrong by keeping the second date simple like a dinner or a movie, adding creativity on the second date could enhance your passion towards each other.

One can think of other activities where both can simply have fun like playing ice hockey, trying on costumes, or a leisurely swim.

Also consider activities that would bring out the child in both daters like going to an amusement park. Such activities surely break the ice and take out the shyness between them.

Guys should bring flowers on the second date

The same way the guy hopefully did on the first date, bringing flowers to a woman on the second date is very much advisable. Giving them along with chocolates, bottle of wine, or some other mementos are also suitable gifts to bring along. Save the jewelry for later, once he gets to know the girl more.

Flirt big time

Second date is the big chance to flirt with each other a little more. While having fun doing activities together, try having a friendly hug (but with a little hint of intimacy). Guys should never ever flirt with other women while on the second date, or any date for that matter.

Flatter your partner

Laugh at your partner’s jokes, even if they get cheesy, during the date. Shower him or her with plenty of compliments as well. Never make the mistake of criticizing your partner verbally, especially in front of others.

Also, avoid using praises to your partner that may seem sarcastic like, "Seems like you finally plucked your eyebrows."

If there is a disagreement, don’t struggle

Do not turn your date into a tug-of-war for power in situations that both of you do not agree. Just laugh it off and just "agree to disagree."

Be open to physical affection

It is during second dates when males begin to feel a little braver as they touch their dates in more intimate parts like the hips or the neck. Just be ready to receive those loving touches and don’t twitch or feel disgusted by them.

Don’t commit yet – Don’t fall yourself completely over your date, especially if it’s only the second date. Also, don’t compare your current date from your previous relationships.

Wait before having sex

When to have sex with your date depends on your judgment. You probably had sex on the first date or the second date, while ideally one should wait until six dates have passed before you could show signs to your partner that you are willing to submit yourself to your date.

You could also tell your date that you would rather save your virginity until marriage, as this could sometimes even interest your date more.


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