Making A Good Impression On A First Date

Making A Good Impression On A First Date

First dates are not always easy for some guys. They sometimes put the pressure in themselves to impress their dates. Making a good impression is not always easy. But it does not take a guy to learn about rocket science to make a good impression. Here are some simple tips for guys to make their first date impression something that they will be proud of.

Show up for the date early.

The easiest way to get on the nerves of your date is by showing up late. Avoid making this impression because your date might think that you are taking the date for granted. Make sure that you show up for your date early, even just five minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Show your chivalrous side.

Some people might say that chivalry is dead. But most women still yearn for dates who show them that they are special. The tasks are not that difficult to do. Just open the door for her when going to a restaurant. Pull out the chair for her when you get to your table. These simple gestures can help create a good impression about who you are by how you treat your first date.

Maintain a balanced conversation.

Having a talk with your first date can sometimes be challenging. Topics can sometimes be hard to come by. It really pays that you prepare what you wish to talk about. But more than that, make sure that you strike up a balance between talking and listening to your date. It should be a 1:1 ratio. When she asks a question and you answer, try to come up with the next question for her to answer. Avoid monopolizing the conversation, so much so that you prevent your first date from sharing something about herself. Makes sure that both of you end up knowing more about each other before the date concludes.

Avoid talk about former relationships.

Although there are times when your date may ask about your previous relationships, it is better to avoid going into details about your ex’s. It can be uncomfortable talking about it on a first date. Avoid it at all costs to avoid feeling awkward.

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