Making Sense Out Of Dating Red Flags

Making Sense Out Of Dating Red Flags

If you have been into several dates that did not succeed into a relationship or anything similar, then you may be aware of certain red flags when it comes to dating. Red flags are certain signs that will tell you whether you need to think about whether your date is really something you want to be with. They are warning signs that will make you think twice about your date.

Red flags can help warn you about certain things that may lead to a bad relationship. After several dating experiences that did not turn out well, you become more aware of red flags during a date. After awhile, you begin to look out for them into every date you get into. You then get to realize that every date just seems to have a red flag that can worry you. You begin to think of whether you will ever get into a relationship at all because of them.

You must understand that not every date is perfect, if at all. You will certainly see something in someone that you may think is a potential red flag. But that does not necessarily mean that you should break off the date early. There are some things that you should know about dating red flags if you wish to be successful at dating at all.

Some red flags may just be lack of information.

There are some red flags during a date that may just be a result of first impressions. The problem with first impressions is that they do not always tell you a lot about your date. You may be turned down for something that is not always what your date is about. Before you judge upon a particular red flag, make sure that you get more information to back your initial impressions. Chances are the first impressions may not be telling you the real thing about your date.

Distinguish the dating red flags from your deal breakers.

Some of your perceived red flags are not really something that you should worry about. On the other hand, potential dating deal breakers should be. Deal breakers are things that you see in your date that challenges your core values. It is opposite of what you believe in. Deal breakers are serious enough to make you decide not to pursue a relationship. Some red flags only serve to make you aware that you need to learn more about your date and discover whether his or her personality is compatible with yours.

Differentiate red flags from dating rules.

You should also try to differentiate the red flags from dating rules. Your date may break a dating rule such as getting too close with you on the first date or talking about an ex during your conversation. But it does not necessarily lead to a red flag. You should also learn how to distinguish whether your date is just breaking a dating rule, unconsciously or otherwise, or a whether there is a potential red flag that you should need to pursue further.


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