Other Things That Can Ruin Your Date Night

shutterstock_126852815A date night may end up in just two ways- it can be fun and memorable or bad and forgetful. In some cases, it is not you or your date’s fault. Other things outside of your control can easily ruin any romantic meeting you have prepared carefully for so long. Here are some of the annoying things that may transform any date night into a date nightmare.

The Demanding Office Boss

A boss may ruin some date nights. You prepare and schedule a dinner date with your partner. You have the reservations to your favorite restaurant. You are on your way to prepare and dress up for the occasion. But then, your date calls to say that his boss wants him to stay and finish an important task due for tomorrow. Sometimes it can happen when the boss calls in the middle of your date. Your partner needs to excuse himself and take the call. It is always a problem when work tries to get in the way of a relationship.

The Rowdy Group On The Other Table

Sometimes you get into a restaurant expecting to spend a quiet dinner date with some meaningful conversations. But you end up in an unfortunate situation being seated next to a rowdy group if restaurant customers. Despite repeated requests from the manager to quiet down, they still just do enough to keep your own date on edge. It can end up ruining your date.

Other People’s Kids

Kids may be adorable. But sometimes, other people’s kids may ruin your date night in many ways. You go out on a date and happen to be seated next to a family with a kid throwing a tantrum. You wish to head on to a nearby diner with your date but you have some other kids arguing over a meal or screaming for some attention. There are many date venues where you find kids everywhere. Not all of them may be unruly, but you can sometime be unfortunate enough to have a date ruined by some of these awful kids.

Noisy Moviegoer

You have opted to go on a movie date because you expected to enjoy a film from a favorite actor. But you end up in an unfortunate circumstance of being seated an aisle above the moviegoer from hell. His phone ring snow and then and never bother to turn it off. He comments on every movie scene. The sounds he makes when he drinks can be heard even on the other side of the theater. He just does not care of the people around him, as long as he enjoys himself annoying them. You and your date’s patience wear thin and your attention is no longer on the movie but on the annoying moviegoer in front of you.


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