Reasons Why You’re Still Not A Date Magnet

shutterstock_63895564You have been through many dates already. But after that first meeting, you realize that most of them do not bother to call you or express that they would like to see you again. You begin to think that there must be something wrong, and you’re it. In a way, you might be right about it. There are some things that prevent you from becoming a date magnet. Here are some of the possible reasons why.

You display the wrong attitude.

You go out on a date expecting to meet your dream mate. However, you realize that he or she is far from what you expected. You begin to show signs of disinterest and boredom. You cease to engage in conversation. You let your attitude spoil your date. If you have this attitude in most of your date, it may be the reason why you do not get repeat calls at all. It may also be the reason why people do not approach you when you go into bars or clubs on a night out.

You do not know the art of flirting.

You go out on a date or to a club expecting to see sparks and fireworks. You see a woman looking at you twirling her hair. If you are a woman, you see a guy smiling your way and staring at you. But you just sit there, pretending to be talking to your drink and having a good time. You go around instead to become more “visible” among the crowd. At the end of the night, you are surprised that no one has approached you or has shown some interest, not even one bit. It is either you are blind, or you know nothing about the art of flirting.

You need to enter into the dating scene, you have to learn about the art of flirting. Without this, you will not be able to recognize those subtle signals that the opposite sex tries to send you. And most likely, you will not be able to send out the right response. If you wish to become a date magnet, you need to polish up on your flirting skills.

You are too choosy.

There are people who have a very specific profile of a perfect date. He or she has to have a specific body type, hair color, profession, level of income or lifestyle. Although it is not always wrong to have a perfect date in mind, but using that checklist on every date will always spell trouble. Many of the dates that you meet with will not always fall perfectly within your expectations. Each date may have flaws or imperfections. Not giving your date a chance because of these flaws will surely make it more difficult for you to meet people. Learn to embrace those little flaws you find in people. Try to make a checklist of how your dates make you feel instead of what you expect them to be.

You show too much interest too soon.

Some people become so desperate in meeting someone that they tend to show how interested they are. Doing this on a first date is not always a good idea. Your date will become too overwhelmed and feel that everything is going by too fast. Even if you feel sparks for your date on your first meeting, get hold of yourself and do not show that you are that interested. Try to limit what you want to share about your life. Do not be too nosy about knowing everything about your date as well.


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