Reasons Your Dates Don’t Call You Back

Reasons Your Dates Don’t Call You Back

You have been having several dates lately and you like where you stand. You get to know about other people and take the chance of discovering someone you can have a more serious relationship with. It is perfectly fine with you if the dates do not come out well. But over time, as your unsuccessful dates begin to pile up, you begin to wonder if there is something wrong. Your dates never seem to bother calling you or in returning your calls. You begin to think if it is something that you have done that leads to this. If many of your dates are like that, then they may have certain reasons why. Here are some of them.

Your date thinks you are too possessive.
Some people do want to feel loved. There are people who are always ready to do that. But sometimes it can get a bit too overboard. When you show any signs during dates that you are a possessive type of person, then be ready to be ditched. You dates may not be calling you back because they think that you are already trying to own their affections. Try to tone it down a bit, if you wish to get a call from your date next time.

They see you as desperate.
Some people can become too desperate during dates and it shows. They act too nice or too agreeable to just about anything their date says and does. While some people may think of this as just giving a date some attention, it may also come off as an act of desperation. Some people would love to make their date a success that they will do just about anything to ensure it. They laugh at every joke, agree on every opinion, and too nice for comfort. If your date perceives this as an act of desperation on your part, do not expect any callback anytime soon.

They can sense your fear.
You go on dates but always brings along this feeling of fear along with you. You just seem to fear what might happen before, during or after the date. You fear that you might end up liking your date. You fear that your date will not like you back. Bringing all these fears into your date will make it a bit too uncomfortable and awkward. Your fear can show itself in different ways. It may be very hard to mask and your date will be able to sense it one way or another. Your dates may think of your fear as a sign that you are not comfortable with them. This might indicate that you are not interested. Hence, you might not get a call back after your date is over.

You become too critical.
Some people only want to have it perfect. When it comes to dates, some people usually have this idea or perception of what ideal characteristics and traits they are looking for. While it may be a good idea, some people can just take it a tad too far. In the end, they become too critical if some dates do not show the characteristics they are looking for. They lose interest just because they are disappointed about a date not displaying all the ideal characteristics they are looking for.


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