Signs That A Relationship May Not Be Working Out

shutterstock_68499349Every relationship turns out with many hopes the first time. But as people get to know each other, reality strikes. They begin to see that they may not be “made for each other”. Unfortunately, others may fail to see the signs that a relationship may not be working. Here are some to watch out for.

Conversations are a challenge.

Communication is important in any relationship. If couples find it hard to communicate even from the start, then they will have serious challenges ahead. Conversations can help couples learn more about each other. Having problems with that can cause them to miss out on this. They may not have something in common to talk about or maybe just bored to be with each other’s company. That becomes a solid reason why a relationship may not be working out.

You have opposing future plans.

While it may be too early to talk about the future if you are both just starting to get to know each other, such plans may also indicate if you are both compatible. If a partner plans to stay put while the other has plans of transferring to another country, then the future conflict may be something worth considering. Couples should not try to get in the way with each one’s dreams and hopes for the future. Opposing future plans will certainly do that to some couples who might end breaking up later on.

Your gut feeling is telling you something else.

When you try to evaluate a new relationship, you should also try to listen to what your mind and heart has to say. Your gut feeling may sometimes be telling you something important. If you like the idea of giving this new relationship a go but is somehow moved the other way by your feelings, then it is something that you need to dig deeper into. Do not get into any relationship until you address such concerns. Even if you are already in one and is still somehow looking out for something more, that may indicate that your current relationship may not be it. There is a good chance that it may not work out.


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