Signs To Look For In A First Date

When it comes to first dates, the initial experience will usually determine if a second date may be possible or not. But sometimes, women just do not know how to determine if the first date will have that opportunity to blossom into something romantic. Although the initial emotions may be the only thing that women consider if a first date is good or not, there are also some other important things to look for to determine if the date is someone that is worth going out with a second or third time.


If your date is currently unemployed or, putting it lightly, “in between jobs”, this might be considered as a red flag. You might end up having to deal with someone you need to support most of the time or worse, get into a relationship with someone who does not have any ambition. Make sure that you choose carefully who you will be spending your future with or just strike up an initial relationship. Getting it right the first time is always important.

Making Comparisons With An Ex

Another possible red flag that you can determine on a first date is a person who usually gets into conversations comparing everything with an ex. This might be an indication that the other person may not yet have gotten over a previous relationship. You might just be someone taken on a rebound and it is not a good experience always being one.

Control Freak

While talking about a first date, you get to meet someone who wanted you to dress a certain way, wear a certain perfume or come at a certain place at a certain time. Initially, this might be considered as something normal. But then, if during the date proper he orders what you should eat, and practically decides everything for you, then your date may be a control freak who would be someone difficult to live with later on. Consider it as a serious red flag if you are not accustomed having someone making the decisions for you.


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