Signs Your Date Is Not Going Well

Signs Your Date Is Not Going Well

You are excited to go out on a date. You finally meet, shook hands and then, nothing. Your excitement seems to have died down right at that first meet up. Everything goes downhill from there. That is a sign that your date may probably not be into the experience. Here are some of the other signs.

The date location chosen is not romantic.

Your date chose a location for you to spend time together. It turns out that it is everything but romantic. You date in a club where you cannot even start a conversation. Sure, you can have fun, but it is not because of your date. A date, especially the first one, is supposed to be a time when you try to get to know each other better. But if that does not happen, that date may be anything else but a date.

There is barely any conversation going on.

You go on a date in a romantic and quiet place. You expect to know each other better. But then there you are both, staring at each other, eating your dinner, with nary a sound coming out but the clicking sound of dinnerware. It is either your date is too shy or talking is just out of the question. Either way, it is a sign that the date will not be going well from that point.

There is not even a slight sign of intimacy.

Even couples on a first date have that mild touchy feely ritual going on. You notice that your date goes through the motions with a bit of a distance from you. The closest to physical contact you experience is a high five or a pat on the back. Your date may not consider you more than just a friend. You may be close to getting friend zoned.

You are left hanging after the date.

After your so-so date, you still have that hope that the next date will be better. But then, you part ways with that question of another date still hanging in the air. There was never a confirmation of one nor was there any comment about the experience.


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