Simple Tips To Make Dating Count

6Most people go on dates in order to meet someone who they can start a relationship with. But many times, people forget to focus on what is important. They tend to connect with people and start a relationship that is actually doomed for disaster. Here are some simple tips that may help you re-establish some focus when you go out on your next date.

Try a more creative dating approach.

Some people end up getting ditched or fail at relationships because they try the same formula for dating again and again. They look at the same places and search for the same characteristics in the people they wish to start a relationship with. It may be time for a change.

If your numerous approaches in finding a date are not that effective, it may be time to explore other avenues. Try doing things differently. You may consider dating someone that does not necessarily considered as “your type”. Try to expand the age range of your ideal date or disregard the age requirement for that matter. Consider dating someone who may be outside your comfort zone. Doing things differently may help give you added insight on what really matters to you and may change some of the wrong assumptions that you may previously have on people and dating.

Learn how to divide the wants from your needs in your criteria for choosing dates.

One big mistake that people make when choosing a meaningful partner is that they only focus on wants rather than needs. Some people want to meet someone with a particular height or type of hair color. These are superficial standards that will not always lead to meaningful relationships. You can avoid this by learning how to separate your wants from your needs. You might want to look for someone handsome or beautiful, but you may need to look for someone with a good heart or a sense of humor for a more lasting relationship.

Imagine the relationship 30 years from now for evaluation.

Another way to know if you met someone who may be a likely candidate for a lasting relationship is to fast forward your life with him or her several decades from now. Try to imagine your life with your partner about 30 years from now. Try to list down the qualities that will make you stay closer together. Surely, those superficial qualities such as a sexy figure or full blonde hair will no longer matter. It is a good way to focus on the qualities that will really matter in a lasting relationship.

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