The Challenges of Dating A Diabetic

While going on a date is considered as a romantic event, there are certain instances where it may offer certain challenges. For a person dating with a diabetic, the challenge is sometimes taken to a whole new level. The challenge is not something that one can do something about. Sometimes it is just something that takes a lot more understanding and a dose of sensitivity. Here are some of the possible challenges that a person may face when it comes to dating someone with diabetes.

Food Choices

For most people, a idea for a romantic date includes going to a favorite restaurant or hang out to eat, drink and get to know each other more intimately. This is actually the typical date that most people wish for and expect. But when it comes to dating someone with diabetes, this may not always be what one may expect. One of the reasons is because of the food.

Yes, diabetes is a condition where diet is very important. This includes a wide variety of restaurant food choices to avoid. This can sometimes mean going to your favorite restaurant may be out of the question. Diabetics sometimes need a special diet and choice of food that may not always be available in all restaurants. In such cases, you might need to do some research on what restaurants in the area offer a food selection ideal for diabetics. The challenge in this case in taking time to research and ask around about restaurants in the area ideal to take a person with diabetes on a date.

Regular Sugar Monitoring

One of the things that one would usually encounter during a date with a person with diabetes is regular sugar monitoring. Many diabetics require monitoring or keeping track of their blood sugar levels to ensure that they maintain it at levels that won’t cause them any problems. Doing so would sometimes require doing several times in a day. You might even experience seeing it done several times during the date. While it might be too uncomfortable and sometimes unromantic for someone to see, that is a fact of life for diabetics.

The challenges of dating someone with diabetes may or may not be easy for some people to face head on. But the fact is that these challenges will determine first hand if one has what it takes to establish a relationship with someone suffering from diabetes. It is a lifelong condition that people have to live with, including their future partners.


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