Things To Alleviate The Awkward Silence During First Dates

shutterstock_148392842One of the many worries people may have on first dates involves conversations. Some may be overly concerned about ending up with those awkward silences taking up most of the date. The only way to avoid them is by preparation. You can try some things in case you find yourself in one of those periods of silence during the date. Here are some of them.

Determine the reason for the awkward silence.

Before you make any move, try to make sure what may bring about the silence in the conversation. Do not simply imply that it is because there is a lack of conversation topics. Sometimes bouts of silence here and there are normal during first dates. It would be pretty awkward if you suddenly change the subject only to find out that your date is simply thinking of what to say on the current conversation topic.

Prepare some handy icebreakers.

Having something ready to say during awkward silences will also help keep you ready. These are topics or questions that you can ask your date to keep conversations going. You can try situational questions such as what your date will do if he or she wins the lottery or the weirdest thing they did. It can also be about interests or hobbies. Having something ready to say to fill up the silence can be quite handy on a date where conversations seem far in between long pauses.

Acknowledge the silence.

Sometimes it is better that you are aware of the silence instead of thinking of ways on how to break it. If you cannot find some things to talk about or topics for conversations, talking about the silence may be just what you need to do. Try to acknowledge it with your date and make him or her aware that it does not make you uncomfortable. Feel at ease with the silence. This way, you might become comfortable enough that both you and your date will begin to open up to each other.

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