Tips for Dating Older Person

dating older personAs cliché as it may sound the saying age doesn’t matter is definitely true. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are just a few of the many couple whose ages are far from each other. But nonetheless, they all have very fruitful relationships.

Young people say maturity is not measured by age but by experience and superb intellect. Such statement is rather true. In fact there are many old people wherein their maturity does not coincide with their age.

Aside from love, relationship works based on how both parties understand and compromise with each other. Feelings may differ from time to time but it is the willingness and determination to work things out in a commitment that makes a bond stronger and not the similarity or the differences of age.

Then again, it is true that dating someone older may be hard and intimidating first hand for someone young. The following are the guidelines for having a successful date with someone much older.

Good Conversation

Pulling out a good conversation is considered to be the most challenging part in a date. It would be best to make a little research about your date before going out with him or her. Knowing some information about the person that you will be going out with enables you to have an idea of what to talk about and how to act in front of that person.

About your Date

Do not talk too much about yourself. Instead let your date talk more about her or him. Be a good listener. At times, not spilling out too much information makes someone more curious about you. It is through this way that you can create more mystery about you in the air and evade seeming like you are the like the ones who are too much of themselves.

Dress Properly

Dress up in accordance to the person you are going out with. Punk, Thrasher, Gothic, Rocker kind of look is not appropriate when going out with an elegant woman for a dinner.

Dressing up like a Pussy Cat Dolls member on stage is not good to look at when having dinner with a classy dressed up old man. First impressions tend to last most of the time so make sure that you make a good impression first hand. Dress up according to your date, the place of the date and time.

No Pretensions

Be yourself. There are people who always tend to show their date that they know a lot or rather they know something about a matter that they do not really have any idea. Keep an open mind. Your date will appreciate it more if you are thoughtful enough to admit that you do not know about the topic.


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