Tips For Handling First Date Jitters

Tips For Handling First Date Jitters

Going on a first date can be exciting. But it can also be a tense-filled experience for many people. Having butterflies in the stomach on a first date is normal. That always happens when you get to meet someone you do not really know for the first time. But you need to get over it in order to enjoy the date itself. Here are some tips that will help you take care of those first date jitters.

Prepare thoroughly.

One way to reduce your anxiety during a first date is by thorough preparation and planning. Make sure that you prepare yourself for the first date- what to wear, how to open the conversation, questions to ask, and topics to talk about. You can also prepare for contingencies in case in case some things do not go well during the first date. Having everything planned will help ease your mind and make you feel confident that the date will be stress-free.

Keep the date simple.

To avoid further anxiety or worry, try to keep your date simple. Planning an elaborate date setup will sometimes increase the risks of something going wrong. Avoid planning a date where you have to worry about the weather, the traffic or other factors beyond your control.

Lower your expectations.

Sometimes, the anxiety that you feel during first dates may be due to your high expectations. You imagine that you meet and start a romance with someone you are just meeting for the first time. You expect fireworks and love in the air. But always remember that a first date is a meet and greet. Try to treat it that way and nothing more. Lowering your expectations can help ease the tension you might feel on a first date.

Do some activity for a first date.

The awkwardness and the tension sometimes come because you do not have something to do during the first date. If your date is just about making conversation, thinking about the awkward silence can sometimes make you nervous. To avoid it, try planning an activity date. You can go biking or take a walk instead of just sitting down in one place. It will help ease the tension and make you feel more relaxed that you are trying to release some of your nervous energy during the date.


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