Tips to Dating With a Disability

disablity dating

Dating a disabled person can be difficult. This is because of the fact that some of those can be insecure when it comes to engaging in this kind of activity. That is why there are those who prefer to date via the Internet on an online chat.

When you are aware that you are dating someone online, give them time to tell about themselves. Anonymity and preparation are their best weapons when it comes to dating. Most often, they choose to be wary and vigilant of opportunists who would only want something aside from dating. But once he or she decides to go out with you, consider these tips below.

Be considerate of his or her disability

In arranging a date, you have to consider their disability. Take them to a restaurant that you know has a Braille menu. Know what problems may arise on the restaurant you have scouted.

Like if a wheelchair can be maneuvered in there or a noisy environment as this may not suitable for those with hearing impairments. In addition, act as the sense that they lack. Patience an consideration are the things needed here.

Communicate on their level

For example, if your date is on a wheelchair, sit down, bend over, or kneel. Remember that eye contact is not only important in dating, it is also a sign of respect.

Let them breathe the air of normalcy

It is obvious that your date has a disability, treat it as if it does not exist at all. Let them feel normal despite their disability. That is what they want people with no disabilities to treat them. So treat them well.

Create an appropriate environment that will start a good conversation with your date’s disability

This gives the disabled individual power since the spotlights are on him or her. The stage is for them to take. Certainly, you may not know or be unsure of how to ask the questions regarding their disability.

But once you begin to ask, there is a possibility that they will disclose anything about it or not depending on how they feel talking about it. Still, it balls down to courtesy.

Less personal questions asked, the better it is

Disabled people are also entitled to the same level of privacy as normal people do. It is best that you keep this in mind despite the fact that asking too personal questions are sometimes not as uncommon as you think. Just be aware when you are crossing the line.


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  1. When you get to date a disabled person, you have to understand and be considerate with their limitations due to their disability.But even so, you have to treat them as normally, like you would any other person to put them at ease. Disabled people would more likely like it that way than you treating them like you are walking on eggshells. Dating a disabled person can open your eyes to brand new things. Great article!

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