Tips to Prevent First Date Anxiety

shutterstock_95110498Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking for many people. It is that first date anxiety that can sometimes ruin it. Here are some tips that will help you deal with those first date jitters and relax more.

Stop being someone else.

In an effort to impress, some people will try to be someone that they think a date would like to meet. They create a persona that a date will certainly fall for. But the problem is that it can be stressful, not to mention becoming a pretender. Trying to be someone else can cause anxiety during dates. To avoid this, just try to be yourself. That way, you can relax more and become more comfortable with the situation.

Focus on your date and not yourself.

Another way to banish anxiety during first dates is by focusing on your date. Some people worry about what they do and how their actions can lead to embarrassment. To avoid the stress, why not put the spotlight on your date instead? Try to lead the conversation by asking more from your date. That way, you can somehow diffuse the attention towards yourself if you do not want it to. It will also help make you feel more relaxed, knowing that the attention is on your date.

Avoid making comparisons.

Most people have this ideal for a perfect partner. There are certain qualities and traits that they are looking for that perfect someone to start a relationship with. While it may be okay trying to look for such ideals from your date, you might usually end up frustrated when it does not add up. You begin to worry whether you are meeting the right person. For the first date, just try to avoid comparing your date with your ideal. Get to know him or her first. Take the first date experience for what it is worth. Do not let your high expectations ruin everything.

Do not go into serious issues immediately.

There are times when you might hit the jackpot and find the perfect date. You cannot seem to wait trying to talk about serious relationship issues. You are afraid to let this one go. But considering that it is the first date, you might risk losing your date if you are moving on too fast. Try to keep it light on the first date. Avoid talking about relationship issues just yet. Get to know your date first in a casual manner. If you feel that there is some “special connection” with your first date, try to keep it to yourself. Do not try to go ahead of yourself and just let the first meeting run its course- getting to know each other but with no romantic overtures just yet. Keeping it casual can help keep that anxiety away on the first date.

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