Ways You Can Ruin Your First Date

shutterstock_162473591People are very careful to make their first date memorable. It does need not be perfect. A first date should at least be an experience that will bring out happy thoughts when looking back on it. The important thing is that people do not want to mess up on the first date. It pays to know how not to mess it up. Here are some tips to ponder on.

Acting Indifferently

Some people just do not seem to give a first date the attention it deserves. Some people may consider it as an ordinary meeting of two people. They feel they do not need to dress well. If not that, some people come out late on the first date. During the date, some people are more interested in checking their phones or texting friends than being interested on the person in front of them. All these things are examples of indifference. They can be sure ways of ruining the experience for you. You need to avoid this attitude if you wish to make something out of your first date.

No Humor

Some people like to be serious during dates. It will show their serious intentions for the date. But being serious does not mean that it should be humorless. Having a good laugh is a key ingredient to many successful first dates. Without laughter, it may be hard for two people to be comfortable or at ease with each other during the date. Humor can be such a good icebreaker for a date. It will be a waste not to use it.

Choice Of Conversation Topics

Now that your first date is underway, you are now eager to start a conversation. You have prepared a lot of topics to talk about. But be careful- you choice of topics can also mess up your date. Talking about politics, religion and other topics that require a person to take sides can ruin the atmosphere of a date. Conversations can easily turn into debate and disagreements. Another topic that can put off your date are those concerning your past love life and romantic history. Talking about your plans for the future may also not sit well on a first date.


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