What To Avoid On A First Date

shutterstock_66220714It is always up to you if you make your first date either a memorable event or a forgetful one. Aside from the thorough preparation you put into it, first date success also comes because of following certain first date rules. There are some things that you need to do and not do on a first date. Here is a list of things to avoid doing on the first date.

Tardiness on the first date

One important rule to remember during a first date is to avoid coming in late. Some people like to come late to a first date, sometimes just to make a grand entrance. But what it does is make a bad first impression that will not make the date memorable. Make sure that you avoid keeping your date waiting on your first date.

A sense of desperation for romance

You might already be in a situation where you need to start a family. You might be in a point of desperation that you want to know if your date is really the one. You start asking questions that pertain to starting a family with your date or questions regarding family plans. It is a no-no on a first date. Try to avoid showing your desperation by looking at a first date as a simple one-on-one introduction without the serious questions. These questions can be asked and will naturally be answered on the succeeding dates, but not the first one.

Money talks

Talking about money on the first date is not a good idea. It will paint a picture of what your intentions really are. You may be branded a miser or a gold digger if money becomes an important topic for you. Avoid asking your date about salary, net worth, or properties that may denote money and financial status.

Too talkative

A first date is a chance to know about each other. This means conversations are give and take. Your date lets you talk and vice versa. Avoid trying to do all the talking during your date. Try to let him or her talk as well. Not only will it help you know more about each other, the date will be quite colorful and interesting if conversation becomes lively and engaging.

Comparisons of past romances

When going out on a first date, avoid trying to talk about your past relationships. You might be guilty of trying to make comparisons between an ex and your current date. That can be enough to make your date uncomfortable and even feel annoyed.  Your date will not like to hear about your ex and your romantic experiences. Avoid the topic as much as possible.


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