What to Buy Your Date for the Holidays?

Buying gifts for the holidays can be a bit tough especially to someone you have been dating for such a short time, as you do not have a full idea about his or her preference in fashion, music, or art, yet you still want to impress your partner with a thoughtful and insightful gift.

Although flowers and chocolates can be a sweet gesture, it pretty much shows that you do not know your date at all, except if she is into exotic flowers Europe or imported dark chocolate from Africa. Here are some gift suggestions that, hopefully, would impress your date this season.

A romance novel – Depending on your partner’s taste, your choice of romance novels vary from the inexpensive Harlequin titles (buy a lot if you are going to this route) to the insightful titles such as “Love in the Time of Cholera” to the classics like “Pride and Prejudice.” It provides a chance to hint at your partner a deeper, artistic side to yourself as you write an inscription on the insides of the book.

A compilation of love songs – No matter the musical taste of you date, a collection of slow-danceable love songs is a good gift choice. Pop it in the stereo and it provides music that the two of you can get close into.

Massage oil – Note that this gift choice is recommended only if both of you want to take the relationship on a more physical level. Once your date sees this gift, volunteer to give him or her a full body massage. If the date declines, back track and offer a neck-and-shoulder massage instead.



  1. I would say a gift should be personal. Only the person in the relationship would know what’s special to his or her partner that Christmas…

  2. I would go for CDs of love songs, it just blends no matter what her age is. A romantic instrumental CD (Kenny G or Richard Clayderman my preference) might also work, especially if you plan for a romantic night together.

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