When You Date a Bad Kisser

bad kissWe date so to know the person that we ‘most of the time’ find interesting with the hope that we might start something good for a relationship with him or her. Beneath the good looks, fantastic fluid conversation and the rest of the characters on your list your partner must be is the idea that she or he must be a good kisser.

A good kisser is most of the time associated as a good lover. We all want a good lover. We all want to have a good kissing experience by the end of the day and we want to have it as much as possible with the person we love. But what if your are dating a bad kisser? You have two choices. It is either to dump him or teach him.

Ethically speaking and of course according to the norm wherein we all are brought up with, a person will not going to really act rude after finding out that their date cannot do a good kissing performance. Most people at this stage either just bare with the person that they are currently with for the moment before shunning them for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, mind that there is room for change and as cliché as it may sound, nobody is perfect. If you want someone terribly you can accept all of his or her flaws and from there help them learn and bloom into someone just right for you.

Nobody wants to he a bad kisser. The following are helpful facts so to avoid being labeled as someone who suck at kissing. 

Never pour your saliva into his or her mouth

This is the most common mistake guys resort into due to the thought that the woman might find it sexy. NO. Pouring our saliva into someone else mouth is like spitting on someone else’s face. Although of course some may amusingly find it sexy but generally speaking people find it disgusting. Be careful in doing this kind action.

Do not explore her mouth too much with your tongue such as brushing her teeth with it

Most find it distasteful and very much awkward. The said action is more like making the person you are kissing the last time she had an appointment with her dentist or the last time she brushed her teeth.

Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene

Imagine kissing someone with bad breath and also turns out to be an extremely sort of a wet kisser. It will be very much uncomfortable for you.

You cannot breath well as when you inhale all you get is a very much polluted air and your brains will keep on thinking that he or she might infect you with whatsoever mouth disease he or she possess. Do not put yourself into shame due to bad oral hygiene.


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