Best Pickup Lines

They say that using pickup lines on a date sounds cheesy, but we beg to disagree.  They only appear cheesy because it was delivered in a cheesy manner.  Pickup lines are important on a date to break the ice of silence and spark a conversation.  You need to choose a really good pickup line that does not sound tasteless and at the same time shows that you are interested towards your date.

What does your name mean?

If your date has an unusual-sounding first or last name, ask for its meaning right away.  There is definitely a story why her name is Shalva ("peace of mind" in Hebrew) or his surname is Kiss (a common family name in Hungary, which means "small").  Ask more questions as they provide more details.

What brings you here?

There are different variations to this question depending on when and where you are, but the common denominator is that you are asking how someone knows the party host, or how they came across the band whose concert you are both at. 

If you were given with free education what would you go back to school for, or would you go back at all?

This question not only gives you an idea about your date’s educational background, but also provides you with a hint about their goals, aspirations, and dreams.

Can you suggest something?

This question is limited on certain venues, more particularly in coffee shops, bookstores, and libraries.  You can also use it on local restaurants, bars, sporting events, and even in grocery stores. 

Asking for someone’s opinion shows that you are interested, and if you listen to their suggestion, try comparing and contrasting your experiences for a bit to chat with each other a little longer.


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