Decoding His Body Language at First Sight

body languageOne fine day while minding you own business, you find yourself spotting a guy whom you are attracted to.  He sees you noticing him and you wonder if he likes you, too.  Actually, his subtle body language gives you an idea the attraction is mutual.  Here are some tell-tale signs.

He stares at you

One of the easiest signs of attraction is eye-to-eye contact.  If your eyes meet, it is natural that both of you to shy away even if you are attracted to each other.  Meanwhile, if he stares at you for more than five seconds, it is most likely that he is trying to seduce you to his bed.

Positioning his chest and shoulders towards you

Even if he is looking somewhere else, he would point his upper torso with the most important thing in the room:  You.  This is because men consider their chest and shoulders as “public signboards” of their stature as better mates, even if they do not realize it.

A half smile

A guy giving you a sneer-like grin could mean that he is attracted to you, but in a no-strings-attached way.

He lifts his eyebrows subtly

If a guy spots someone that catches his attention, he tends to lift his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead in the process.  This body language, however, can happen really quickly so you need to be alert.

He touches his belt or jeans pocket

If you see him do this to you, it simply means that he trying to draw your attention towards his manhood.

He stands with legs wide apart

A guy who is into you would stand with legs wide apart and his pelvis facing towards you, even if they do not realize it.  This attitude traces back to their primal roots, as men would try to assert as much space as possible in their attempt to attract you as their mate.

His toes are pointed towards one another

A guy looking at you while his feet are close or pointed to each other means that he is feeling a little unsure.  Maybe a little reassurance from you would widen his stance.

He gives a close-mouthed smile

If he smiles at you ear-to-ear without showing his teeth, it is likely that he is just shy or does not want to reveal too much about himself too soon.

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