How to Develop a Sense of Humor

couple laughA lot of girls look beyond the physical attraction in finding their ideal man. Besides, what’s the use of good looks if you can’t enjoy with the person? Sense of humor is vital in developing a great date, and eventually a great relationship.

When people come across with people with a good sense of humor, people tend to feel comfortable with them and find it even easier to approach and converse with them. Sense of humor builds much-needed rapport and a certain level of trust.

But just how does one develop a sense of humor? Is it something innate or that can be learned? Read these great tips to find out.

Create your own humor library – Start by collecting humorous and light-hearted books, comics, and even DVDs of TV shows or movies that give you a healthy laugh. You can use these either as tools to help you lighten up and get de-stressed, or as references when trying to woo your date with funny (and not cheesy) jokes and one-liners.

Visit the library everyday – Refer to your humor library everyday to build up your sense of humor. The fact that you are laughing at some jokes is a good start. Visiting the humor library is more essential before your date in order to eliminate any stress or nervousness that you have accumulated lately. It is best to go on to your date with a happy mind and a laughing heart.

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh – Do you have a funny relative, friend, or neighbor? Then hang out with them more often. The people around you could influence your personality. Check out your local area if there are "laughing clubs" that you can join. Getting laughter and humor from other people somehow enables you to share that laughter to others, especially your date.

Enjoy at least 10 laughs a day – We don’t count our laughs by the number of "ha’s" we can create in a laugh, but on how many times we have a good, hearty laugh. It is recommended that we should have at least 10 laughs a day not only to develop your sense of humor, but to have good health as well.

Poke fun at yourself – Self-effacing humor, where you tend to poke fun at yourself, can also signify to your date that you are a relaxed person, that you do not get angry easily in times of stress. However, it is best not to do too much of it during your date, as your date may not find some of the qualities you are making fun off as attractive.


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