How to Flirt Using Body Language

flirtingThere is absolutely nothing wrong with flirting, since we all try our best to attract our partners. Flirting not only comes in the form of pick-up lines, but also in the most subtle of actions.

Eye contact

Keeping your eye contact with your date for about more than five seconds is a fairly good flirt tactic. It shows that you are interested to your date, and at the same time it is a harmless thing. Dating experts say that a person initiating the flirt needed, on average, to lock eyes three times before the recipient of the stare catches on.


Grooming in front of your date can be turned into a great flirting technique, depending on your gender. For instance, ladies can stroke their hair, try to straighten their posture or clothes, expose their neck, tilt their hips (that is, if standing), as well as licking their lips.

Meanwhile, men can also try straightening their clothes, licking their lips or fixing their hair, as well as hooking their thumbs into their pant pockets (that is, if standing), sucking their stomach in, or even taking deep breaths to widen their chests.

Enhancing one’s features in front of your date shows that you are trying to present your best self.


Showing a smile on your date can be turned into something flirty just by showing your intention to attract through your eyes.

Facing your date

Having your whole body "point" towards your date subtly shows that you want to put all your focus towards your date. Examples include pointing your toes towards your date, as well as leaning a little forward with both shoulders facing your date.


There are safe ways to touch your date without indicating anything perverse. A handshake, for instance, can be turned into a great flirting technique because your can associate your flirting with introducing yourself. You could also try to touch your date’s arm "innocently" as you pass by on your way to the bathroom.


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