How to Flirt With a Man

flirting with a manFirst, let’s make an agreement: men are forever different from women. For instance, men are more visual than women and they respond more effectively and quickly to visual stimuli.

Let’s apply that to romance. Men are attracted to the physical aspects of women, but you don’t have to be super-pretty just to catch their attention. Just follow our suggestions and you will be fine.


Men tend to notice a woman’s smile before their eyes move around elsewhere. You have to remember that men have their insecurities and they usually approach women whom they feel would "welcome" them. Smiling is like saying, "Hi! Let’s have some coffee!" or "Would you like coffee or me?"

Make eye contact

The eyes are said to be windows to the soul, and you want to make sure he know you’re trying to get inside his soul.

Check his body language

Body signals are good indicators of how he feels about you more than anything he may say verbally. The eyes are the biggest giveaway when it comes to seduction of either sex. If he returns your gaze, and especially if he holds eye contact with you longer than you would normally expect, then chances are he’s quite interested.

Flirt using your body

Answer back his interest by making some body language of your own. You don’t have to overly-suggestive. It is best to portray that you are not so easy. A little combing the hair along the ears or a faint smile will do.

Ask about what surrounds him, not about him

Men tend to talk more about other things but himself. You should ask about recent events, or talk about his immediate surroundings, or even about the weather. The conversation would get some momentum (as long as you listen and answer to him) until the guy would feel comfortable into talking about himself.

Show your sincerity

Remember that you are not trying to impress him with how clever you are, you are trying to communicate a sincere interest in him.

Let the guys talk more

Men are not talkative by nature. If he talks more, then probably he is interested to you. Try to keep the focus on him. You should guide the conversation by asking questions. Offer bits of information about yourself, as they relate to what you are saying, but don’t dwell on yourself.


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