Secrets of the Natural Seducers

seductionGranted that your look could be easily passed as a Greek god/goddess, and you’re overflowing with sense of humor, and you’ve an IQ high enough that MENSA would grant you a free membership, and have a charisma that can lead a people power revolution, you still wonder what’s possibly wrong because you seem not to get the perfect lay. Yes, we’re talking about your frustration with sex.

There is always an issue with authentic sexual intensity when the sexual self is filled with neediness, anxiety, disillusion, sense of inadequacy, need for control, low self esteem, bitterness and resentfulness.

Your supposed prospective partner may either back off or treat you as someone who has no relationship value if there’s no authentic sexual intensity which will easily be indicated via your words and actions. All those pick-up lines, flirting body language, sexy poses and sexual positions will definitely go to waste.

What makes some men and women so intensely and effortlessly seductive is not a technique, good looks or even smart brains. Here are what they are:

Men and women who have the kind of seductive pull are so in touch with their sexual energy and sexual selves that seductiveness is who they are and not just what they say or do. This sexual energy makes them attract people around them as if they are magnets.

Their ability to look on the personal and emotional state of others is the source of their seductiveness. Passion is characterized by emphasizing the fact that they like who they are, that they enjoy the person they are with and that they’re loving the experience.

Natural seducers are certain of who they are, what they want, what they have to offer and the value of what they have to offer, yet they neither show off nor are they too eager to impress and please.

They have developed their own innate sexual instincts that informs and confirms their behaviors and responses in a given situation.

They attract other people in their surroundings because they inspire other with their intensity.

They are mysterious and constantly changing and emerging as a new person. They are adaptable, flexible and innovative in dealing with people.



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