Surprising Facts About Attraction

couple attractionFinding a potential date in a crowd of strangers goes beyond the ice breakers and pickup lines.  You can also use the laws of science in making a guy to get attracted to you!

Choose the right scents

Forget about designer perfumes.  Choose scents with hints of lavender and pumpkin.  According to Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Foundation, men go head over heals with these organic scents coming out from a woman.  If you think such perfume is hard to find, purchase essential oils, mix them on an aromatherapy diffuser, and let the scent be placed on your neck.

Wear red

Men are more likely to ask out a woman wearing red, mainly because of subliminal symbols ingrained in their minds.  Red has been associated with love, romance, and sex.

Avoid getting drunk

If you really want to look for the hottest guy in the club, try not to get too many drinks because alcohol can cloud your senses and may find even the guys you normally find unattractive as cute.  That is because our drunken state does not notice the asymmetry of other people’s faces, which could indicate genetic defects thus making them unworthy of becoming our mate.

Take note of your menstrual cycle

Ever notice why you look for a particular type of guy on certain days?  That has something to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

While women undergo ovulation, they prefer men with masculine features (square jawline, thin lips, broad shoulders) who are perceived as providers of good genes that would produce stronger and healthier children. 

Meanwhile, women during menstruation seek for men with softer and more feminine looks, probably because they are perceived as kinder and more cooperative.

Stress stimulates sexual attraction

The more anxious and stressful you are, the more likely you would find yourself taking chances.  That is because stress and anxiety releases more adrenaline, which also puts sexual attraction on a higher level.

Size matters

Women can tell if a guy has lots of sex drive even from a distance simply by checking on his specific body parts.  For instance, broad shoulders and big pecs signify lesser health risks thus making them better mates.  Meanwhile, bigger waistlines equal lower levels of testosterone, which also means lower sex drive.

Check out his mother

If you want to know if your relationship with this guy can last long, check out if his mother has similar bone structure to yours.  That is because men are more likely to hang out with women who would "remind them" of their moms. 

Let him touch you

You meet a man for the first time and you find yourself being touched more frequently.  The reason is simple:  He likes you and tries to find opportunities to touch you so he will know if you like him too.  If you are not attracted to him, simply avoid getting touched, but do it subtly.

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