Tips On Becoming More Seductive For Shy Daters

Tips On Becoming More Seductive For Shy Daters

The art of seduction is always present in a date. Both people with obvious compatibility will always try to keep that attraction level up and alive, usually on the second or third date. For those who do not see each other as compatible, the seduction game is non-existent.

Sometimes, being seductive can be very difficult for some people, especially women who are shy. They use either too much or too little of it, which can affect the outcome of their date. Here are some seduction tips that can help the shy types transform into seduction experts.

Dress With Impact

One effective way to be good at the art of seduction is by trying to dress the part. You do not have to resort to wearing sexy dresses during your dates. Just wear enough that will not be deemed too sexy and yet still evoke that seductive vibe. One thing to remember is that guys usually like it if you still leave something up to the imagination and not be overtly obvious of what you are trying to show.

Show A Little Skin

You do not have to be too obvious about it, but showing a bit of skin can instantly spike up your date’s interest in you. Showing a bit of your leg or a bare shoulder will usually do the trick. Do it so subtly and in the proper manner possible. Try to avoid being too obvious on what you are trying to achieve. It can backfire on you.

Hand Movements

One way to increase your seductive level is by using your hands to play the part. You do not have to be touchy feely with your date in order to do that. What you can do is try to move your hands around your arms or shoulders like you are trying to rid of the cold. Then, if you notice his eyes following your hand movements, try running your fingertips slowly along your neck. That will instantly bring up your seductiveness level to a higher degree.

Slow Dance To Music

Sway to the music if you hear it during your date. Even swaying your shoulders or head while sitting down can have some effect on guys. Most guys love a woman who knows how to sway to music. It indicates that you have rhythm and confident in your body movements. A good dancer is sexy, no matter what gender you may be. Show that you have it during a date and you become a seductive little creature that men cannot get enough of. All it takes is a bit of confidence and practice, even if you are the shy type.


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