Tips To Avoid Getting Catfished Online

Tips To Avoid Getting Catfished Online

The term “catfish” has become popular and common among those who seek relationships online. It refers to the practice of luring people online using a fake or false identity. The intent may vary, from cheating on a relationship to theft. But the worst thing about catfishing is that there is always a victim. If you wish to avoid being a victim of catfishing, here are some things to consider.

Suspicious Profile

The first thing that can help you identify a potential catfish is through his or her online profile. The objective of a catfish is to impress a potential victim. In this case, it can be done through a well-made online profile. If you think that an online profile may be too perfect or too good to be true, then chances are that it may be made out of false information. Such online profiles tend to gain your sympathy or interest. Not only that, you need to be suspicious of online profiles that contain vague information or use doctored photos. If you are in contact with a potential catfish, try to ask added questions for more information or photos. If a catfish decides that you are not an easy target, he or she will bail out.

Asking For Financial Help

One main goal of a catfish is to get money from you. You will be told of stories of hardships or tearjerkers that will garner your sympathy for the catfish. The next thing you will usually hear is a plea for financial help. Be wary of anyone, asking you for any amount of cash that you can spare. Avoid trying to give your bank or credit information when you feel like helping out. You may run the risk of being compromised and become a victim.

Avoiding Online Face-to-Face Video Calls

A catfish will try to lure you into a trap while trying to give out as little personal information as possible. That’s why most of them use fake photos or information. They also try to avoid you from identifying them through live video chats. If you request for a live online video call and you get different reasons not to, you should be highly suspicious that you may be dealing with a catfish.


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