Dealing With an Office Romance

dating coworkerThe office can be a great venue for romance, no matter how risky or stressful it may be. The advantage of this is that you meet your officemate on an almost daily basis.

Let’s say your office has one hot lady that you like to go out with. How are you supposed to hitch her? Follow our friendly suggestions.

Do not get drunk and flirt with other colleagues – It takes very little deed for a woman to write you off. If she sees that you are flirting with other co-workers, there is a possibility that she would write you off for good.

Play with your strengths – Flirting in the office is so much different compared to hooking up in a bar or club. Try talking to her with confidence, make her smile and laugh, flirt with her in the most discreet (but tasteful) way possible. However, do not show off your best traits right off the bat. Your good looks is nothing if you don’t have a personality to back it up.

Show respect for other and pay attention to everyone – Play with this trick with much precision. Show enough attention to other officemates so that your prospective date sees that you’re not only nice to her, but at the same time do not be too nice to other girls.

Stand out from the crowd – If you keep on sticking on the walls, or keeping a low profile in your workplace, you will never get noticed. That doesn’t mean that you have to become obnoxious, which girls hate too much.

Give her a hint on what you do on weekends – Describe your weekend escapades (the wholesome parts of it) without bragging too much. The hottest single girls in the workplace usually lead boring lives since guys tend to be intimidated to ask them out. However, if the girl you feel attracted with tend to be stuck-up and refuse everything in sight, maybe you should sets your sights to someone else.


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