How to Make Your Girl Friend Want to Date You

dating a friendYou are attracted to a gal friend but you feel shy about asking her out. Like in any dating situation, it might end up in a rejection. But it’s better to take risks, right?

Here’s how to treat your female companion if you are interested in pursuing her.

Don’t ask too many questions – Asking too much personal questions on her would make her think you are stalking her, which would mark the end of your dating pursuit.

Be polite – Don’t act "freakishly", both on the phone and in person with her.

Ask her out – When you typically go out in a group, ask her if she would like to spend some time with just the two of you. If she says yes, it’s a good sign.

Show up on your date – Do everything in your power to prioritize your first date especially if it’s already been set. Be on time when you pick her up. Not doing so, even if you explain the reason, would be "the end". However, if you really are going to be late, inform her beforehand.

Bring flowers – No, we’re not talking about roses (you could give that when you’re already together). A bunch of assorted fresh flowers would do, either you picked them by yourself or the florist created something "special" to impress your girl.

Bring out your positive personality – Be charming. Laugh with her (not "at" her), listen to her conversations (and don’t forget to answer back). Have good time on your date.

Pay for everything – Since you asked her out, it would be great if you pay for everything from the dinner, the movies, the coffee among others. If the girl insists on sharing the pay, allow her to pay minimally.

Observe your date – If you see she is getting cold, don’t ask her if she would like to take you jacket. Offer it right away. If you see her getting tired, offer to take her home. Getting in touch with what she thinks would give plus points to you.

Kiss her on the cheek – As with all first dates, end your date with a kiss on the cheek and a slightly tight embrace.

Observe her reaction – If the next time you go out again in groups, observe her behavior towards you. If she tries to be close to you then it’s a good thing.


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