How to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

dating friendYou have a male friend that you really like, but the problem is that he looks to you more as a little sister or a best friend. More often than not, if you ask him for a date he would laugh at you.

In theory, being pals with a guy and letting him get to know you should make him want you more, but it doesn’t happen that way.

Here are the "roadblocks" you are encountering that keep you from being seen as something more than just a friend.

The "little sister" persona – Guys don’t date their little sisters or best friends. You would not be able to date him if you are too "buddy-buddy" with him. Instead, present yourself in a sexual manner, not as a friend. Don’t act like one of the guys and instead invest on changing your appearance by getting a new dress, putting some make-up, the works.

You are at their beck and call – Guys want what they can’t have. Don’t make yourself available at all times, except when he really needs a someone to depend on.

Doing counseling work – Never act like a love therapist to your guy friend. If your guys always comes at you for love advices, and you always oblige, you are allowing yourself to become the "mother hen" type.


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