How to Stop Dating a Friend

breaking up with friendYou might see yourself at a very compromising situation in some point in your life that may involve a friend from the opposite sex. There are times when friends become more than just friends.

Friends that begin dating and eventually enter into a relationship that is a step above the usual can be very tricky indeed. With more intimacy and more seriousness involved, it can either lead to a good relationship or losing a friend in the process. And it all can start with dating a friend.

When you think that it is not right for friends to date but find yourself in a similar situation, you must learn how to stop it before it becomes serious. There is good reason why friends should not go dating. First of all, dating a friend can put you at risk of harming your friendship.

A failed romantic relationship with a friend can easily do some damage to the friendship that you might have already established for the longest time. The risk is always there when trying to date a friend that you have known for a long, long time. If you feel that you should need to stop dating a friend, here are some tips that might help you out.

Dating a friend may start off as a casual get together that becomes more and more frequent. At the first instance that you see the dating getting more than just a friendly date, you should try to take action immediately. The earlier you can stop it the better your chances. Trying to convince yourself that you would break it off on the next date would only make things even harder for you.

The earlier you tell your friend to put a halt to it, the better that you may be able to handle the issue more constructively. Keeping at it for too long may only lead to deeper emotional involvement that may further lead to disillusionment when you finally try to break it off.

If you have already started dating with a friend for some time and finally decided to put a stop to it, make sure that you explain the reasons why you think it might be a mistake. Try to make your friend understand how you feel about it and why you think that you are better off as friends.

You should try to let your friend know how you feel about it. Trying to keep silent just because you feel sorry for your friend would only makes things worse for both of you. Be vocal about stopping the dates with your friend but also make sure that you let him or her understand why.


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