How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover

coupleThe truth is, it’s never easy to turn a friend into a lover. It’s not just rare, sometimes it’s extremely difficult because turning things into a higher level could lead to losing the romantics and worse, even the friendship. The process of turning a friend into a lover isn’t instant and shouldn’t be done in a hurry.

Although it’s much advisable that there has to be a strong friendship before blooming everything into a higher level to really get to know one another, the process of taking it into that level is always a danger zone. If everything went through smoothly, then the partners would have shared both emotional and mental connection , joy and sorrow and might lead things to a better tomorrow.

If you are planning to make a shift from being the dependable friend to a romantic lover, you may want to look on the following tips below:

Highlight your good features but don’t go overboard

Probably you’ve heard from your friend certain physical or emotional charactertistics that he/she wants for a lover and think whether some (or all) match it with yours.

What you look like in front of him/her as a friend doesn’t really matter at all for him/her but when a romantic link is in the process of solidfying, then it’s better to assess one’s self and do good.

Doing good, however, has now been being criticized for being fake, but one shouldn’t view it this way. Sometimes it’s important to note to trust the person’s intentions for doing good.

Remember the conversations

Remember the conversations with friends fall anything under the sun, from common interests and even love interests. Start going beyond the friendly talks and be intimate. Sometimes it’s advisable to flirt verbally to give some hints.

Change the usual routine

If you’re always going to the movies every Sundays or eat at Burger King every Mondays, try to shift direction. Change the venue to a more private and romantic setting.

Your behavior with friends is something that isn’t actually cared about

You can pick your teeth in front of your bestfriend or blow your nose without having the fear that he/she will be turned off. However, the decision to take things higher needs a room for adjustment. it’s not just you now but you also have to behave accordingly to your prospective lover. Behave the way you would around someone you like.

Use body language

The way you touch your friend actually gives signals. Beware though, because it might either put you in a good light or you’ll be hallowed in doom


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